I live with four cats, but I don’t spend much time with them. I work a lot, and I spend many hours out of the flat.

A while ago it hit me that my cats – maybe because I wheedlingly call them “babies!” – are aging. Three of them are nine this year, and one can’t be too far off. I often hug them on weekends and tell them how happy I am that we’re growing old together, but I’ve not thought much about how much faster that process is for one of us.

And so, yesterday, instead of the usual feed-and-flop (I get home late, feed them, then flop onto my bed), I decided to spend ten minutes sitting with them. If I do this everyday and write about it, then I will have many – hopefully many many many – ten minute-fossils to hold onto when the inevitable comes.

My fossil collection starts now.


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