20160622_205739This is a Ten episode, really. But I’m not going to delve into details because it’s 5AM and I’m suffering from insomnia.

So: Two Tableaux at 5Am –

Poppy crouches in front of me, like a sphynx. I would have said bodyguard but he is more impassive than protective. His tail is curled into a question. (It’s probably about food.)

Blackie sits at my right elbow. He chews on it and manages to yowl indignantly at the same time.

Curly stretches out behind me, against the small of my back.

Bonus scene: Cupcake’s raspy tongue, deployed over the water droplets on my legs post-shower, makes me laugh out loud. (A legit LOL.)

Laughing at 5AM is like sending a temporary ray of sunshine through the room; short but powerful: a reminder.


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