“Ten.” (4 July 2016)


A Fourth of July Ten! This should be thematic. It’s going to be difficult, but we can all use our imaginations a little.

Here are the most fireworks-adjacent moments of the night:

1. Sparks fly between Poppy and Blackie. They roll round and round and round, paws sunk into tufts of fur, deep growly sounds. I imagine them as large cats, and shudder.

2. Curly loves wet food, and will rouse himself only for that occasion and one other – to claim his cuddles and share of attention when Blackie is getting too much. (Sorry, I had meant to work a “bursts into action” bit in there, but that would be untrue. Curly is totally chilled out.)

3. Cupcake, on the other hand, does burst into action, and frequently. She is a killer of all things dangly, and tonight my old phone cable falls victim. I dangle the cable in front of her, tantalisingly. It is most gratifying to watch her spring into action. She first crouches down, ears flattened and eyes impossibly large; she then launches into the air, clapping her paws together, furry dotty chest all ruffled; she finishes in a graceful land, unsuccessful, and saunters away unconcerned – pretending she never saw the dangly cable in the first place, never intended to do anything about it.


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