“Food (II).”


Mixed Vege Uttapam & Teh O Halia

Way back in 2008 (or so?) the ex-hubby and I came upon a tiny prata stall a few blocks away from our flat. We decided to give it a go – the service was horrendously muddled, and the food was mediocre at best. Our 45 minute wait time was spent bitching about how soon the place would close down.

Of course, the joke was on us – our marriage ended before the prata place did. Not only has the stall expanded to take over its neighbour, the place is packed to the brim every night, and I have found one of my life’s staples on its improbably varied menu.

I still frequent the place, now on my own, and stumbled upon the wonder that is the mixed vege uttapam when a glorious, colourful, steaming pancake-thing trundled past my head one night and landed in front of some folks next to me. I immediately cancelled my order and got myself one of those, and that was the first of a long, long line of fluffy, white, beautifully textured rice-flour pancakes for dinner.

Whenever I pop up at the establishment now, the tall young waiter smiles at me and pretends to take out his pad and pen. “Mixed vege uttapam and teh o halia?”

He’s already writing before he looks up to confirm my nodding head.



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