Inner dialogue on a Saturday morning about eating noodles. I scribbled my thoughts on my phone and here is the raw, unedited evidence of my poor self-discipline.

Long queue.
R u hungry?
Actually no
Then dont buy plus u r fat
But i eat this every sat
But. Fat. and u didnt exercise and –
But its lunch as well
But u r not hungry. Eat toast
Not opposed to toast but savory is more exciting
Long q
My heart feels sour and squeezed and im drinking ice cold coffee and i always eat noodles with ice cold coffee
Isnt that enough for ur habit brain
I want to talk myself out of it but i cant
Why. what does eating that mean to u
I dunno but i eat it every sat
Do u want to eat it
Maybe not. I might be too full to work
 Eat toast
Are u looking directly at the q thats why u r obsessed. sit somewhere else
Maybe. But im also at the kopitiam where i always eat it
Eat something else. Eat sandwich
Sandwich is far. Nothing else here to eat.
 Why is this so important to u
My body is protesting
Heart is beating faster
Maybe u r excited to change ur routine
The q is short now
 Gonna rain soon. Strong wind, leaves blowing in.
Maybe i can eat the noodles then.
Quick buy toast. Just put it in ur mouth.
But the q is shorter and shorter.
Fine. i hate u.


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