Day 4: And souther south we go.

Winter mornings are best viewed through gauze curtains.


Or through thick, rippled glass.


As seen from the inside of an abandoned garage that I was not supposed to be in: A deconstructed tree.


A dark, re-imagined Dutch still-life: photographed not painted, 2017 not 17th century, me not Pieter Claesz, and of course French not at all Dutch.


Not in the meadow, no.


La Couvertoirade – a 14th century village built by the Knights Templar. People still live there. A resident told me it’s great; the nearest Super-U is only an 11-minute drive away.


Back on the road, heading into the heart of Southern forests – we drive through clouds.


A Tibetan temple emerges in the middle of Templar country.


This precious day, today, ends with an incredible home-made salad in a stone-and-wood cabin with a crackling, sooty fire. Beautiful times can be painfully bitter-sweet on account of their being so beautiful – now there’s a cracker of a conundrum.20170101_190806


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